For those of you who think that they can keep their heads down and not consider Social Media or Social Networking because it is just a fad and will pass soon, you need to get your head up.     This fad is not going to pass, it is going to get bigger and a greater challenge to find your way around.     Many groups and organisations that have limited resources see this new technology as a drain on their already meagre staff time and on their funding.    They consider it as something the kids do, or something that wastes time.   Here is a list of some of the things people say to justify why they do not want to get involved:

  • It takes to long
  • You need dedicated staff
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • We cannot afford it
  • It is for kids
  • We do not want to put our information out there in that way
  • It is not private
  • The people we talk to do not use Social Media

Not sure where to start.

So here are some answers to these reasons:

It takes to long:-   If you create your own strategy and plan, it will take as long as you want to give it.    It is your resource and should work for you, not you for it.

You need dedicated staff:-   You need staff who are able to share information and spread the word.   People who understand engagement and this could be anyone.

I don’t know how to do it:-   Then learn.   It is easier than you think and by using the social media you find easier then you will pick it up in no time.    If you can type and press a button you can do social media.

We cannot afford it:-   Most Social Media platforms are free.   Many tools to support your campaigns are free.  It is the most cost effective way of getting your message out to many people at once.

It is for kids:-   Many older people now use Social Media to connect with people.    Professionals, Mothers, Older people are all getting into the act and posting status online.    You just need the right platform.

We do not want to put our information out there in that way:-   So where do you want to put your information.   We all need to market our organisation and our services so this is an ideal way to do it.

It is not private:-   All Social Media platforms have privacy settings.   All you need to do is get help in setting them.

The people we talk too, do not use Social Media:-   How do you know.   Have you asked them.


So, rethink your thinking, come up with a strategy, watch some of the videos on this site and get going.


About Bev

I am the 'New you Guru' and I help you find out Who the Hell you are. So many of us go through changes in life and we wear many hats, however everyone asks the question 'Who the Hell am I' at some point. I help you recognise the real you and become an authentic human being. Able to deal with everything life throws at you knowing that you know who the hell you are.

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